Nature Index
Collection of DPS infographic spreads produced for Springer Nature's Nature Index publication. Visualising scientific output.
An infographic feature on the global problem of growing antibiotic resistance.
Breast cancer
infographic feature on the worldwide prevalence of breast cancer. Produced for Nature.
Developing treatments
Infographic exploring pharma companies access to markets in developing countries.
Infographic visualising the increasing prevalence of obesity, charting global spread and demographics.
HIV and your body
Series of infographics for presentation.
Infographic feature for Nature, mapping the worldwide malaria epidemic.
Infographic presenting the latest research on the medical and industrial uses of cannabis.
Infographic feature visualising tobacco-related deaths in Europe.
Lung cancer
Infographic charting the global incidence and the survival rates of lung cancer.
Infographic charting the progress of major vaccines in the United States and globally.
Cardiovascular disease
Infographic feature on the statistics associated with CVD, including causes, prevention and demographics.
Infographic feature on cancer incidence and mortality. Produced for Nature and Scientific American.
The pharma workforce
Infographic charting the global demand for pharmacists
HIV survival in the UK
Timeline of HIV treatment and survival in the United Kingdom.
Graphic feature explaining the transmission cycle of tuberculosis, and the global burden of the infection.
Graphic feature on the types of stroke, prevalence and demographics most affected. Produced for Nature.
Zika Virus
Graphic feature on the latest understanding of Zika Virus, including transmission, prevalence, symptoms and vaccine development.
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Visualisation of the pathology of Rheumatoid Arthritis, the targets and efficacy of treatments available.
Graphic feature on the biology and latest treatments available for osteoporosis.
Alzheimer's disease
Scientific visualisation of Alzheimer's disease; the latest understanding of the biology and treatments available. Produced for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society in London.
Graphic feature on the anatomy of sleep for Nature
Dry eye disease
Graphic feature on the pathology and treatment of dry eye disease, for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.
Graphic feature on epilepsy for Nature Magazine
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