This page contains a selection of images from projects I've worked on over recent years. Much of my work is in the science, healthcare and technology realms, where I am honoured to continue working with some of the industry leaders and some very knowledgeable individuals. Please scroll down for my gallery, info is provided in captions.

Design and layout of a print and digital interactive handbook for Unicef UK groups. Design was to be strong and authoritative but personable and encouraging.
Extensive rebranding project with RPS. Having had the new branding drawn up in practice, I had the task of bringing it to life, implementing it across all media, from exhibition design to print and digital templates. Culminating in the creation of a detailed brand book covering all aspects of using the new brand identity.
Promotion advert for Illumina, a biotech company in San Diego. Produced with Nature Research Custom Media.
A brand book created for Unicef, giving an introduction to the aims and the usage of the new branding.
Comprehensive and acclaimed report document created for King Abdulaziz City for Science & Technology. Creatively visualising the performance of Saudi Arabia in the science and technology world.
Editorial feature studying dry eye disease for RPS.
Branding creation of The Global Grants for Gut Health initiative for Yakult, through NRCM.
Activity pack designed for Unicef, influencing young people.
Study of reducing dosage of PVC vaccines, for Pfizer.
Research poster on the PCV vaccine for Pfizer.
Graphic feature created for Nature Magazine.
Implementation of a brand update across various media for Macmillan Cancer Support.
In depth study of influenza virus for RPS.
Graphic feature created for Nature Magazine on retinal stem cell research.
Branding for Sustrans localised projects.
Branding for Sustrans localised projects.
Print and digital infographic for the Pharmaceutical Journal, detailing research in understanding osteoporosis.
HIV mechanisms infographic for RPS.
Graphic feature for Pharmaceutical Journal on current research into HepC treatments.
Infographic charting the make up of the worldwide pharmaceutical workforce, for RPS.
Advertorial promotion for Abbott Healthcare, produced with NRCM.
Graphic feature for RPS on mechanisms and treatment of RA.
A collection of published experimental editorial design.
Infographic feature charting global smoking trends for the Pharmaceutical Journal.
Promotional learning infographics for Bio-Rad Laboratories, a biotech company in silicone valley. Produced with NRCM.
Infographic feature for the Pharmaceutical Journal on the emergency of Zika virus.
Special graphic feature on liver fibrosis, for a Nature magazine supplement.
Collection of presentation graphics designed for Cello Health agency.
Award-winning graphic feature on Ebola, published by the Pharmaceutical Journal.
Analysis on research into Alzheimer's, produced for the RPS.
Scientific illustration for AbCam.
Graphic feature for Nature on antibiotic resistance.
infographic feature for Nature on vaccines.
Personal typographic illustrations.
Graphic editorial feature on bees, for a Nature magazine supplement.
Infographic feature for Nature Outlooks on breast cancer research.
Campaign design for Concern Worldwide.
Editorial feature on medicinal cannabis for Nature Outlook.
Personal typographic illustrations.
Data visualisation for Nature Index.
Infographic feature on cardiovascular disease, for Nature magazine.
Advertorial graphics, produced for Danone.
Learning materials produced for Johnson & Johnson.
Editorial design for a special feature on epilepsy, published in Nature magazine.
interactive e-learning documents designed for Benylin.
Nature Outlook graphic feature on HPV.
Personal typographic illustrations.
Infographics for a feature on lung cancer, by Nature magazine.
Designs for "Contacts", the entertainment industry guide.
Graphic feature for Nature Outlook on malaria.
Designs for the new Nature publishing project, Nature Index.
Designs for a new Nature publishing project, The Careers Guides.
Designs for the new Nature publishing project, Nature Index.
Graphic feature on sleep research, published by Nature.
Campaign design for Amnesty International.
Nature Outlook special on tuberculosis.
Personal typographic illustrations.
Campaign design for Action Aid.
Graphic feature for Nature magazine on the spine.
Designs for the new Nature publishing project, Nature Index.
Branding design for Amensty International's Secret Policeman's Ball.
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