Rheumatoid Arthritis
Visualisation of the pathology of Rheumatoid Arthritis, the targets and efficacy of treatments available.
Dry eye disease
Graphic feature on the pathology and treatment of dry eye disease, for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.
Graphic feature on the pathology and treatment of osteoporosis.
Zika Virus
Graphic feature on the latest understanding of Zika Virus, including transmission, prevalence, symptoms and vaccine development.
Male contreception
Visualisation of the latest methods of male contraception.
Graphic feature on the anatomy of sleep for Nature
Hepatitis C
Graphic feature exploring the biology and latest treatments of Hep C. Produced for the Pharmaceutical Journal.
Alzheimer's disease
Scientific visualisation of Alzheimer's disease; the latest understanding of the biology and treatments available. Produced for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society in London.
Graphic feature on the making of a flu vaccine for The Royal Pharmaceutical Society
Graphic feature on the anatomy of the spine, implications and prevalence of injuries. Produced for Nature.
Ebola virus
Feature on the pathology, transmission, symptoms and prevalence of the Ebola virus in 2014 – this won the Medical Journalists Association science visualisation award 2014-15.
Graphic feature on the types of stroke, prevalence and demographics most affected. Produced for Nature.
Scientific illustration of the infection and replication of HIV virus.
Graphic feature explaining the transmission cycle of tuberculosis, and the global burden of the infection.
Graphic visualisation of the neural transmission of pain.
Special DPS feature on HPV virus, produced for Nature Magazine
Graphic feature on epilepsy for Nature Magazine
Special graphic feature on bees, for Nature Magazine
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